Ofiterapia brings the physiotherapy clinic to your office or your home so you can save time commuting. In house treatment and injury prevention strategies can help avoid time away from work, resulting in greater productivity. These programs make current employees feel valued and taken care of.


Make the most of your time while you enjoy high-quality treatments. We deliver high-standard, patient-focused treatments specific for your injury. A thorough assessment of your case and a consistent follow up will provide the grounds for successful treatment


Our chartered physiotherapists are highly-experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and they are passionate about their work. We are familiar with working in fast paced work environments and delivering good results through our treatments. We have worked in sport centres, private practices, hospitals, and offices in London and Madrid


We want you to reach your goals: from being pain-free at work to running a marathon, your goals will be our goals and we are committed to help you achieve them


We will accommodate our appointments to your schedule, so you can make the most of your day


Our physiotherapists are fluent in English so you can feel comfortable talking about your injury in your mother tongue if you prefer

Should you need any more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Client Testimonials

  • "Sara was instrumental in the rehabilitation of my right shoulder following surgery. Sara’s knowledge was excellent and her positive attitude made me focus on the exercises that I needed to carry out on my own between the physiotherapy sessions. I am now back to playing a good level of club tennis again thanks to Sara’s efforts"

    - Duncan Perry
    Financial Institution, London
  • "I have scoliosis and have worked with Sara for approx 4 years. In this time my body posture and well being have much improved. I have found her to be both friendly and professional and would happily recommend her as a physio"

    - Derek Curtis
    Artist, London
  • "Whilst I was working Morgan Stanley I had a sore elbow and I went to see Sara and was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow. Sara is a great physiotherapist, using various methods to treat the issue including acupuncture and getting the right mix of treatment in the session and giving me exercises that I needed to do at home."

    "Towards the end of my treatment I left Morgan Stanley but rather than change therapist I travelled an hour to see Sara due to her quality of treatment. I am so grateful for Sara's treatment and my elbow is still doing well 8 months after my last session due to the quality of treatment at the time and the advice Sara gave to make sure it did not relapse afterwards"

    - Darren Garside
    Financial Institution, London
  • "Sara is a very professional and competent physiotherapist. Her in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and how to administer acupuncture was vital in my recovery after a serious motorbike accident, for which only surgery was advised. Her passion and compassion for her patients, coupled with her experience, make her a one-of-a-kind therapist I would highly recommend"

    - Simona Villa-Colciago
    EMA, London

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