What do I need for a physio treatment?

Ofiterapia will bring everything you need for the physiotherapy sessions. Should we go to your office, we will just need some private space where we can carry out the sessions and workshops (i.e. a conference room)

May I receive physiotherapy sessions at my workplace?

We will need a minimum of 4 patients per day in order to carry out the physiotherapy sessions in house

What is a physiotherapy session like?

We will start our physiotherapy sessions with a brief questionnaire and an interview to gather information about your injury, your lifestyle and your job. Then, we will perform a biomechanical assessment using specific tests in order to understand the cause of your injury The information obtained in the assessment will give us the key to treatment success, so we can use the most appropriate techniques for your case. Every step of the way, our physiotherapists will guide you through the rehab and treatment process. They will explain why they choose those techniques and assessment tests, and they will answer any queries you may have

What is a workstation assessment?

We will perform our workstation assessments on site. We will start with a short questionnaire and an interview to understand specific aspects of your job, your concerns and your injury. We will then assess your workstation and with that information we may adjust your settings and make suggestions regarding your workstation. After the session, we will write a report with all the information gathered, the adjustments on site and the suggestions made. Should you need any further help once the adjustments and suggestions have been implemented, we will offer you unlimited workstation assessments and guidance for 2 months after the first appointment

What is a workshop like?

Workshops will take place for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 workers. During the sessions you will learn theoretical and practical concepts about your body, your injury and how to prevent them. You will also learn strengthening exercises and stretches targeting your injury. If you are taking part in one of these sessions, you will need to wear comfortable clothes and bring your own yoga mat

May I cancel my treatment?

You can cancel your appointment anytime. However, should you need to cancel your appointment with less than two hours in advance, you may be charged a cancelation fee

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